Sept 15-16 Stamford, CT

Northeast Javascript Conference

Learn from the best


Learn from pros around the country that are pushing boundaries


Adam Chambers

Technology Lead at Digital Surgeons


Alex Bachuk

Development Manager at


Asim Siddiqui

WW Solution Architect API Connect

Bob German 8

Bob German

Principal Architect at BlueMetal Architects

Bryan Jenks

Bryan Jenks

Entrepreneur / Founder of Droplit

Chris Love

Chris Love

Sole Proprietor at Love 2 Dev

Damon Hernandez

Damon Hernandez

Web3D Specialist


Edward Faulkner

EmberJS Core Team

Jamil Spain

Jamil Spain

APIConnect Solutions Architect at IBM


Jeff Fox

Front End/Digital Experience Technology Leader

John Masse

John Masse

Director of Front End Development at


Joran Siu

Node.js / V8 + Java JIT Compiler Development


Jordan Wilson

Associate Director, Creative Technology at Primacy

Mark Lassoff

Mark Lassoff

President of @learn2program. We publish online courses for web, mobile and game developers.


Nader Dabit

Software Developer at SchoolStatus + cohost of React Native Radio


Phillip Bradford

UConn Stamford


Rainer Paskiewicz

Meteor Developer at Checkmate Creations


Rick Blalock

API Connect Wrangler at IBM


Sergio Cruz

Instructor at CodeSchool


Zishan Ahmad

Manager of Application Development at TeleDoc


Thursday, September 15, 2016

8:00 AM Check-in: Front Desk; Breakfast: 2nd Floor Atrium
9:00 AM Keynote
10:00 AM Panel: Future of Software
11:00 AM Panel: Evolution of Frameworks
12:00 PM Lunch: 2nd Floor Atrium
Auditorium Davenport
1:00 PM Angular 2 and Apollo, Rainer Paskiewicz Better than Native: An SDK for the Web, Edward Faulkner
2:00 PM Five Reasons to use (and love) Angular 2, Jeff Fox Node.js, Jamil Spain
3:00 PM Upgrading Angular 1.x app using Babel, Browserify to Angular2 and TypeScript, Sergio Cruz Power your Amazon Alexa application using Node.js in AWS Lambda, Josh Foure
4:00 PM Taking the Team from C# to JavaScript then to TypeScript, Bryan Jenks Advanced Front-End Debugging with MS Edge and MSTools, Chris Love
5:00 PM Dinner
6:30 PM Networking Cocktail Party

Friday, September 16, 2016

8:00 AM Breakfast: 2nd Floor Atrium
9:00 AM Have you had your V8? with Joran Siu
Auditorium Davenport Waddell
10:00 AM React/Redux, Alex Bachuk Developing JavaScript Widgets, Bob German JavaScript Front-End Peformance Optimizations, Chris Love
11:00 AM React Native - App Development for Web Developers, Nader Dabit Reactive Programming with Rx.js, John Masse Implementing IoT with JS, Bryan Jenks
12:00 PM Lunch: 2nd Floor Atrium
1:00 PM Angular 2 vs. Ember 2, vs React, LeRenzo Tolbert-Malcolm After LAMP, it's time to get MEAN, Jeff Fox Developing Accessible JS with ARIA, Jordan Wilson
2:00 PM Introduction to TypeScript, Bob German JavaScript for VR and Web3D, Damon Hernandez
3:00 PM Develop a Vanilla.js SPA you and your customers will love, Chris Love Working with Cordova and PhoneGap, Mark Lassoff JavaScript and the WebAudio API, Adam Chambers
4:00 PM Make your Data Life Easy with Node Loopback, LeRenzo Tobert-Malcolm Quickly create REST API's on Bluemix using Loopback, Asim Siddiqui Node and Backbone, Brandon Papworth
5:00 PM Conference Concludes
6:30 PM Stamford Hackathon Kickoff

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